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Hello, what … your name?
is are am be
Is Catherine … sister?
he you your yours
Oxford is … English University.
a an the
She … a uniform.
wear to wear wears wearing
Rosemary … three languages.
speaks talks tells says
… does your father do in his free time?
Why What kind How many What
… looks after money.
A nurse A postman An accountant A dentist
He lives … an island … the west of Scotland.
on/in on/on in/in in/on
She’s married … an American man.
with for to on
That’s my dictionary. Can I have … back, please?
it you them my
A: Did you meet … at the party? B: Yes, I met … who knows you!
Someone/anyone anything/nobody anybody/somebody everybody/nothing
The telephone … by Bell in 1876.
Has invented invented is invented was invented
Don’t wait for me. I … late. It depends on the traffic.
will be am might be am going to be
… on your warm coat. It is cold today.
Try Fill Dress Put
If she … a lot of clothes, she … money.
bought/would have would buy/has wouldn’t bought/had didn’t buy/would have
How long … in Paris?
do you live are you living have you been living did you live
Tom … as a postman for the past month.
Has worked worked works has been working
Lisa … me a lift because I … the bus.
gave/missed have given/have missed gave/had missed had gave/missed
He always makes me … .
to laugh laughing laugh be laughed
She refused … for the meal.
paying to pay pays the pay
The phone rang … I was having dinner.
while during for in
Is there a public call box near here? I have to … a phone call.
do make get hear
Could you … a favor, please? Could you give me a lift to the airport?
make do give want
I am really looking forward to … my new course.
start starting started to start
Toby, … parents both died a few years ago, is the same age as me.
who whom with whom whose
The fire was so intense that it took the firemen three hours to … it … .
put/away find/out put/out clear/up
It was a wonderful holiday. I will always remember … The Niagara Falls.
seeing to see saw see
Have you met our new teacher … ?
just ever already yet
Can you tell the difference … butter and margarine?
between on out of of
There have been a lot of complaints … your behavior.
in on out of about
The President resigned; the whiff of scandal remained ____________
otherwise therefore immediately nevertheless
Please come and see me __________ day you like.
every some all any
I’m sure he only said those things _____________ .
to my annoyance to annoy me for annoying me for annoy me
I borrowed a _____________ bike and went into town in the lunch break.
friend of my friend of mine’s friend’s of my friend’s of mine
By the time you are my age, you _____________ your mind.
will probably have changed would probably change will probably change are probably changing
You would rather stay at home tonight, _________ you?
wouldn’t hadn’t didn’t won’t
I can reassure you that everything _____________ as quickly as possible.
will be dealt will deal will deal with will be dealt with
I had no sooner told her what I thought of her _______________ I wished I had held my tongue.
when that as than
My daughter is planning to spend a year before university working in Australia, _______ seems to me to be a sensible idea.
that which what where
_____________ you to change your mind about handing in your notice, we would be happy for you to stay with us.
Should Unless If Were
____________ with being so busy both at work and at home, she became increasingly tired and bad-tempered.
Where How Which What
Capital punishment was done _____________ in Britain nearly half a century ago.
out for off by away with over from
If the decision _____________ before he arrived, he would have been furious.
would have been taken was taken was being taken had been taken
In such a plight _________ that we had no choice but to radio for help.
we ourselves found did we find ourselves we found ourselves did we ourselves find
He crept in _________ his parents should wake up.
lest otherwise whereby unless
I benefited a great deal ____________ taking that online training course.
for from with off
You must phone us as soon as you __________ home.
are getting get will have got will get
Women had to fight hard to gain _____________ equality.
the her An
If you can win his attention ________________ for you.
the so much better the better so much so much the better so the much better
Do you really understand all _____________ he said?
what when that which